Thursday, February 7, 2013

Check In

I'm still doing it! I haven't given up! Not that anyone reads this blog on the regular, but I know what my line of thinking is when weight loss bloggers disappear for a few weeks...falling off the wagon. But, I haven't! This is definitely the longest that I've stuck to WW and weight loss in general and I couldn't be more proud of myself. January went a bit slower than I would have liked weight loss wise but I'm totally okay with that. I had one gain week and I'm okay with that too. I'm changing my life and I can't expect to do a 180 degree turn into total healthy eating.

I feel so much better about myself this semester than I did at this same time last semester. I actually try and put effort into my looks and take pride in my work. I'm trying to keep up with my New Years resolutions, although I haven't done a 100% job. I've cooked new recipes, although probably not exactly one a week. I'm washing my face and doing my mask more and my skin isn't blemish free but it's definitely better.

Weight loss? When I last left, I was at around 20 lbs down. Since then, I hit my 10% goal (22 lbs) and got my first 25 lb keychain charm! My total weight loss is about 25 lbs right now, although I'm headed to weigh in in about two hours.

People are beginning to notice and it feels nice. Most people in my direct life know that I'm trying to eat healthier and lose weight and they notice but I've actually had customers at Starbucks tell me. That's nice because they don't owe me anything, they must legitimately see a difference. I'm starting to see it too.
Here is my in September at my highest weight (225ish) I was in a friends wedding and felt miserable. Her pictures are beautiful but I can't stand to look at them because of how I see myself.

Here I am just the other day, waiting for the bus. I can see a difference in my face A LOT. The jeans are new and they are size 14 that zip up easily. I had been a solid 16 for about a year although some of my 14s fit (hard to get on though)


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