Saturday, November 24, 2012

Survival of the (not quite) fittest

I survived Thanksgiving! The morning of Thanksgiving I sat down with my sister to figure up PP of everything we thought would be at dinner and giving ourselves a rough estimate of what we would have. I ended up going over just a bit but still stayed in my weekly points so altogether wasn't that bad. Still, I felt bloated and kind of swollen and was worried about my weigh in. I went this morning to weigh in. Now, Saturdays are NOT my typical weigh in day. I normally go to the Friday noon meeting. I try to eat/drink as little as I can and I always wear a dress/leggings because I feel like I'm lightest that way. I don't know, it works somehow haha. Because of Black Friday, I couldn't go to my meeting yesterday and needed to go during drop in hours today. I was in my work clothes and had just drank a big mug of coffee cause I was dragging this morning. Still, I was down 0.2 lbs. Not bad for Thanksgiving week!

This week I'm determined to track everything that goes in my mouth! Often times at work, I'll have the remnants of the blender/pitcher or tiny cups of milk or a dollop of whipped cream and I rarely count it but I know they'll start to add up. Instead of eliminating them, I'm going to try and just cut back on them and track them to the best of my abilities. I figure most of the little servings I have are about a point each. I'm usually pretty good about tracking my regular Sbux beverages though. I've got a few "go to's" that I know are safe so I usually stick to those.

Also, it's my last week of blocking!!! I couldn't be more thrilled. It's been a rough semester but I know that  in the end it'll ultimately be worth it :)


Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Losing weight on Thanksgiving??!! Wow you kick butt!!! I totally admire your strength to count points and keep on track during this tough time. I am like you...I don't weigh myself after I've had something to drink. I also don't wear my shoes! Try to give myself every advantage!

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