Sunday, July 1, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge

Things are going well over here! I really enjoy my job at Starbucks, the summer is beautiful, and I'm just enjoying life. I'm getting into the flow of healthy eating while working, although my weight has stayed about the same. Two days ago, I decided to tighten up the efforts and really fine tune my eating. I'm counting calories on a free app called Lose It. I am eating about 1500 a day.

One of my favorite bloggers has a challenge that I am going to try and do for the month of July. I'm hoping that this will keep my accountable to my blog and sub sequentially my weight loss efforts. So here we go!

Peanut Butter and Jenny                       

My goals for this month are as follows:
1. Lose ten pounds
2. Try two totally new recipes
3. Exercise once a week


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