Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Survey Says...

Okay, so it's not really a survey. I'm pretty sure that no one is doing this blog challenge anymore, but I'm gonna roll with it because I kinda like blogging. I know I have zero readers haha but it's just been someone/something to "talk to." And no, I'm not crazy. It's just been a nice outlet.
Peanut Butter and Jenny

Day 11 - About six years back, I was doing toe stops in tap dance class and I came up/down too fast or something and got a really small stress fracture in the ball of my foot. It's pretty much unfixable but doesn't hurt when I'm managing my weight. I'm at the heaviest I've ever been right now (save 10 lbs) so it pretty much hurts all the time.

Day 12 - Since fourth grade, I've been involved with this program called Odyssey of the Mind. It's a creativity/problem solving competition and I absolutely love it. I've actually won World Finals three times and also gotten one silver and one bronze metal. I consider it a huge accomplishment and one I worked really hard for (along with the rest of my team, of course!).

Day 13 - That's a tough one. I've always been healthy, just now I'm overweight. My blood pressure is great and I'm physically healthy, just overweight. I've always been poor. Well, my parents help me out but still. I struggle with money and live paycheck to paycheck. I'd say rich, because then I could afford the best treatments and just get back to spending my riches ;-)

Day 14 - I have a mole on my right ribcage. I have a scar on my right hand from burning a rope to seal the ends and a scar on my left hand from stabbing my finger with a screw driver while trying to puncture a hole into a penny. Both of those are courtesy of Odyssey of the Mind.

Day 15 - I've been taking a bunch of people's shifts at work. But I guess that helps me out too so whatever. I'm just selfish

Day 16 - I've never been fishing. I even live in the country but I just never have! 

Day 17 
     1. I hate cold fruit. I like it room temperature. Or, if it's been in the fridge I'll microwave it for a bit.
     2. I am a volume eater. I pick my restaurant choices whichever has the most food.
     3. I love the color pink. My laptop is pink and so is my camera.
     4. I've attended four colleges. I'm on my fourth and hopefully final. I'm getting my MA and have no PhD dreams.
     5. I have a Hanson tattoo. MMMBop, anyone?
     6. I love to read and am a super fast reader. If I'm into a book, I can read it in a few hours.
     7. I think I don't like seafood, although I really haven't tried much. Although, I LOVE canned tuna and can enjoy shrimp cocktail.


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