Monday, July 2, 2012

30 Day Challenge - Day 2

If you could offer a newborn child one one piece of advice, what would it be?

Learn to go with the flow. Life is unexpected and confusing at times, but the more open you are to the changes the easier it will be to live happily!

I live in Virginia and the past few days have been insane. We had a pretty massive storm on Friday night that caused widespread damage and severe power outages. It's estimated that over half the state is/was without power. I was at work when the storm hit and it was one of the scariest experiences of my life. It was kind of like a tornado, but the winds were flat lined and not circulating. I ended up riding home with a stranger (scary, I know) because I was out of gas and had planned on filling up after leaving work. The storm knocked out all of the power in the area way into the next morning.

At work we had just received a milk shipment and had about 150 gallons that were going to go bad if they weren't moved. I spent the next morning at work loading the ice bins with milk and taking items to various other stores for preservation. We had no idea when the power was going to come on but we were preparing for the worst. Luckily, power came back on in that part of town at around 10 AM and we were able to open at 2. At my house, we were VERY lucky to only lose power for about two hours during the actual story.

It is Monday and there are still SO MANY people without power. To top it off, there was another huge storm last night and even more people lost power. Work has been so crazy the past few days with all of the people just needing a cool place and a meal since they don't have electricity. We've sold out of sandwiches by 11 AM for the past few days - a rarity. I guess we all need to thank our lucky stars though - only seven people lost their lives in the whole state. I think that's a pretty low number for such severe weather.


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