Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The fair!

These past few days, I've just been too lazy to blog. At least I admit it, right? I've been enjoying life and working. I still want to complete this challenge though, so I'm gonna play catch up today! First, I want to just tell you how proud I am of myself for my eating on the day of the fair. OMG...fair food smells so freaking good! I knew that if I planned to go out to eat after the fair, I would definitely cave in to a delicious polish sausage or funnel cake (or fried kool-aid?!) so I planned accordingly.

I went with my friend Amanda and we started out at The Great 611 Steak Company. The best thing about this restaurant is their massive salad bar. You can order entrees (their steaks are fab) but we decided to stick to the salad and potato bar. They ask you which type of potato you want - I chose baked - and then you have access to all 4 bars. The bars are as follows:
1. The salad bar - pretty standard fare but good quality ingredients
2. Pre-mixed salads (cole-slaw, potato salad, ect) and hot dishes such as mac and cheese and casseroles
3. Baked potato fixings, soup, and taco ingredients
4. Dessert

I started out with a massive salad from bar one with sunflower seeds as my good fats. I hate low fat dressings so I got ranch on the side and did the "dip the fork" trick. I ate it slowly and tried to register how my stomach felt. My second go around, I went to the second bar. I got a big portion of the green beans and cabbage. I also got itty bitty servings (like one bite) of the foods I couldn't live without like mac and cheese, broccoli casserole, potato salad, and cole slaw. When I got to the table, I tested each food. None of them were out of this world so I just had a tiny taste with the exception of the broccoli casserole. It tasted really good so I ate all of it. The green beans were standard canned fare, but I really like those so I chowed down.

Last, I had my baked potato. Now, I love my baked potatoes with butter, sour cream, and salt. Not very healthy, I know. So I decided to scoop out the carby insides and just eat the skins. My mom always told me that the healthy part of the baked potato was the skin, so I'm going with it haha. I dipped my skins in about 1 tbsp of honey mustard. I skipped the last two bars completely. They bring out baskets of gigantic warm yeast roles with delicious honey butter. I finished my meal with about 1/3 of a role + honey butter.

I left feeling totally satisfied and proud of myself. I didn't deprive myself of anything that I wanted, but I ate in moderation. That way, it was easier when we got to the fair to pass by the delicious smelling cart foods. We paid the 24!! dollars for wrist bands and started riding the rides. It was HOT on Sunday. Like 100 degree hottest day of the year hot. We were pouring sweat so we got lemonade shakeups. They are literally three ingredients - lemon, sugar, water. They had sweet and low but I think that those pink packets taste like death so I decided to go with the real sugar. Perfect thirst quencher.

We were about halfway through all of the rides when we got on the UFO ride. It's one of those centrifugal force rides that spins you around super fast and sucks you to the back wall. It was hot in there and it smelled awful. When it began to slow down, I looked over at Amanda and she did not look too hot. So yeah, she lost her cookies. I felt really bad for her. She was such a trooper about it though! She wanted to keep riding but I knew that she would regret it so we decided to drive on home. I did make a stop for a refill of lemonade in slushy form and my COTTON CANDY! I got the small bag which was one ounce. All the info I found online said that one ounce of cotton candy was about 110-140 calories, which was perfect.

I got home, showered off the funky sweat, and watched Army Wives while I ate half of my cotton candy. I ate the other half for breakfast yesterday cause you only live once :)


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